How Often to Change Air Filter in Car?

Changing Your Car's Air FilterThough the roads of Santa Fe, White Rock, and Le Cienega are filled with responsible drivers that care for their vehicles, when it comes to regular maintenance, there’s some parts that may get overlooked. This is especially true with your car’s air filter.

How often do you change it? How do you clean an air filter? What does this part even do? If any (or all) of these questions are on your mind right now, don’t worry! To help you learn everything about this aspect of your car, Land Rover Santa Fe has created this air filter guide. Enjoy—we know it’ll help clear the air.

The Purpose of Your Vehicle’s Air Filter

Air Filter for Your Car

Your engine works hard while you’re hitting the streets, and though it does so much to keep your vehicle moving smoothly, it needs some help every now and then. There’s dust, debris, pollen, and pollution all around us, and when they enter the engine of your vehicle, it can cause it to gunk up and damage the components under your hood.

The air filter removes unwanted items and gases away from your engine. By keeping these toxins and other materials away, it helps with your cylinder compression, keeps your oil clean, and averts buildup in your intake manifold.

How to Know if You Have a Dirty Air Filter

The easiest way to know if your filter is dirty is to open your hood for a visual check. Your filter should be white (or close to it), so seeing if it’s dirty should be simple. However, keep in mind that it can get clogged with items you cannot see with the naked eye. In this case, you may want to take your vehicle to a trustworthy service center for a more thorough inspection.

There are also other signs that it’s time to change your air filter. Keep a lookout for these warnings when you’re driving:

Decreased Gas Mileage – Your engine needs to be clean and have a decent airflow to run its best. So, one of the most common signs you need to replace your air filter is when you’re not getting your usual gas mileage. You’ll see the numbers drop quickly when your air filter is very dirty.

Ignition Issues – Is your vehicle slow to turn over when you try to start it? The air filter may be too dirty to catch debris and it has become lodged throughout areas under your hood.

How to Clean an Air Filter

Changing Your Air Filter

For a quick fix until you reach an authorized dealer or have time to purchase a genuine OEM part, you can try to clean it yourself. For dry filters, suck out the dirt with a vacuum. For oiled filters, soak your filter for 10 minutes in a safe cleanser, rinse the solution off, and let it dry naturally.

How Often Should You Change the Air Filter?

Though every vehicle is different, a good rule to go by is to change your air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. For exact numbers, consult your owner’s manual.

However, the number is affected by the areas you frequent the most. If there is a lot of pollution or dust where you typically drive, your air filter probably needs to be switched out more often.

Get a New Air Filter at Land Rover Santa Fe

Whether you’d like our certified technicians to install a new air filter for you or you need to order one from our parts center, schedule a service appointment today. Our team at Land Rover Santa Fe is glad to help drivers in Santa Fe, White Rock, and La Cienega keep their engines clean.