Porsche Cayenne vs Range Rover Evoque

Porsche Cayenne vs Range Rover EvoqueWhen searching for a luxury SUV near Santa Fe, White Rock, or La Cienega, you want reliable performance. You might want a vehicle with lots of amenities and technologies. Two options that have all these characteristics are the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Evoque. Which one would satisfy your driving needs more?

We’ll help answer that question with this Porsche Cayenne vs. Range Rover Evoque comparison. Learn all about each luxury SUV below, and contact us at Land Rover Santa Fe if you have any questions.

2019 Cayenne vs 2019 Evoque: Performance Specs

The Range Rover Evoque and Porsche Cayenne are known for being easy-to-drive SUVs with great handling and agility.

2019 Cayenne vs 2019 Evoque: Performance Specs

The Evoque comes standard with a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that delivers 237 horsepower and 251 lb-ft of torque. For even more power, the 2.0L 4-cylinder equipped in a higher trim level churns out 286 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque.

The Range Rover Evoque is also very fuel-efficient, achieving an EPA-estimated 22 city/29 highway MPG.*

While the Cayenne is quite powerful, its fuel economy ratings don’t match up to the Evoque. That’s because it achieves an EPA-estimated 19 city/23 highway MPG. As a result, you may need to stop more frequently to refuel with this automobile.

However, both vehicles come standard in all-wheel drive.

Off-Roading Capabilities

While both SUVs are great for everyday city driving, the 2019 Evoque is better for off-road traveling. That’s because it has features like Terrain Response® and All-Terrain Progress Control.

2019 Cayenne vs 2019 Evoque: Performance Specs

Terrain Response® lets you choose from four standard settings to adapt to your current terrain:

  • General Driving
  • Grass/Gravel/Snow
  • Mud & Ruts
  • Sand

Plus, with the available Terrain Response® 2 feature, the appropriate setting will automatically be selected, based on current driving conditions. This allows you to take on a variety of terrains with ease.

There’s also an optional Adaptive Dynamics setting, which will fine-tune the suspension to deliver tighter body control with sharper responses.

Furthermore, All-Terrain Progress Control operates like a cruise control system, but functions at very low speeds (under 18 MPH). This is so you can concentrate on steering to find a path eluding any obstacle.

The 2019 Cayenne does come with a feature that’s similar to Adaptive Dynamics. Unfortunately, you won’t find any of the other previously mentioned features inside this SUV.

High-Quality Cabins in the Cayenne vs Evoque

The Range Rover and Porsche SUVs have sophisticated cabins with premium materials throughout.

For instance, you’ll find the following inside the Evoque:

  • Windsor leather
  • Textured aluminum
  • Gloss strata

Range Rover Evoque Interior

Additionally, the Evoque and Cayenne offer heated/ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, and a heating steering wheel. This way, you can easily warm up or cool down, no matter the temperature outside.

Cargo room is plentiful in both models, as well. In fact, the Range Rover Evoque gives you 20.3 cubic feet of space behind the back row and 51 cubic feet when those seats are folded down flat. It also offers a powered gesture tailgate—a convenient feature for when your hands are full. Simply swipe your foot under the rear bumper and watch the liftgate open in seconds!

Unfortunately, the Porsche Cayenne doesn’t offer a hands-free tailgate in any trim level.

Porsche Cayenne vs Land Rover Range Rover Evoque: Technologies

Porsche Cayenne vs Land Rover Range Rover EvoqueIf you’re a big fan of technology, then you’ll love the features found inside the 2019 Range Rover Evoque and 2019 Porsche Cayenne.

They both come standard with Bluetooth® technology to easily stream audio or make hands-free phone calls. They also each offer a Wi-Fi® hotspot, so everyone on board can surf the web without eating up data on their mobile devices.

The Evoque comes standard with an 8-inch touchscreen, and has an available 10-inch touchscreen, to easily see all your media options. Plus, the available Touch Pro™ infotainment system is easy to use and fully customizable. Because you can control which options appear on the home screen, you’ll be able to access them in no time at all.

The Cayenne has a similar infotainment system with customizable home screen. However, many options are buried under multiple layers of menus. As a result, you may need to take your eyes off the road often to adjust settings.

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Advanced Safety Options

The Range Rover Evoque and Porsche Cayenne are built with people in mind. That’s why they offer lots of safety features to help protect everyone on board.

For instance, they both offer lots of the same driver-assisting technologies, such as:

  • Blind Spot Monitor
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Traffic Sign Recognition

The 2019 Evoque also offers a Driver Condition Monitor. This feature can detect if you’re starting to feel drowsy by monitoring things like braking patterns. If it senses that something is amiss, it’ll send an early warning for when you need to take a break.

Unfortunately, you won’t find this technology inside the 2019 Cayenne.

2019 Porsche Cayenne vs 2019 Range Rover Evoque: Verdict

In the battle of the Porsche Cayenne vs. Range Rover Evoque, the Evoque comes out on top. That’s because it has better fuel economy and can easily travel on- and off-road. It also offers a longer list of user-friendly technologies.

If you’re still not sure which SUV is right for your travels around Santa Fe, White Rock, and La Cienega, we can help. Our team at Land Rover Santa Fe is ready to work with you to find the vehicle that matches all your desired characteristics.

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*All figures are EPA estimates. Actual mileage may vary.

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